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Frequently Asked Questions

Can non-QF staff register for activities organized by the Recreation Center?

Yes, unless the activity registration page specifically mentions that the activity is for QF staff only or by invitation only. Activity refers to an league, tournament, event or camp.

How do I register online?

The Registration for any activity is a 2-step process. Simply click the register button on the activity you are registering for and the system will guide you to register as an existing online user or a new user. Before registering for any QF activity, the user must create an online user account on An online account is not the same as QF Recreation Services membership. You can always call us at 40176791 for any help with online registration.

Registering a Team:
To register a team, a player from each team must register as a Team Captain. This provides him with admin rights, and he can invite his team mates to join his team, Add Players by sending an email invite through his account. Invited players will register as Team Players and select their team from the list when prompted. Existing team captain/players that already have an online do NOT have to create a NEW account. They can use their existing username and register for the league/event/tournament. Email address can also be used to log in instead of the username. 

Registering for an Individual Sport:
Players registering for a non-team sport such as badminton, squash, tennis, etc, will register as individual players and fill out the online registration fields accordingly. 

All players MUST complete the mandatory registration information on their profile. Incomplete profiles are automatically deleted and the player will not be able to play in the registered activity. 

Registering your child as a Parent:
This follows the same basic step as above. The exception is that once the parent has created an account, the system will automatically take you to the next step and ask you to create an account for your child. This is called a family account and you may register your child for any future activities through this account. All notifications regarding your child's activities are sent directly to the parents account.

What happens after I have registered online?

You will receive a confirmation message for your registration along with contact details of the activity coordinator along with other instructions. You will also be able to access your online account and stay up to date with your schedule, standings, etc. through your account dashboard.

Are activities free of cost or do I need to pay?

Unless otherwise specified, all QF Recreation activities on this website are assumed to be fee-based. Charges for each activity are mentioned in the activity-specific registration page.

When is my registration for an activity confirmed?

Your spot is only confirmed as a team or individual player when full payment has been made for the specific activity you have registered for. All payments are due at least 2 weeks before the start of the activity.

Where can I make the payments for the activities I have registered for?

All payments are accepted at the QF Recreation Center Front Desk located in Education city. You may pay by cash, debit or credit card.

Can I get a refund if I decide to cancel my registration after I have paid the fees?

As a general rule, no refunds are allowed once payment has been received. Exceptions are handled on a case by case basis

How do  I know where is the location of the activity I have registered for?

Each activity page will have the location mentioned in the activity registration page.

Some activities have cash and other prizes. How do I claim the prizes if I win?

At the end of each activity that have a cash or other prizes, winners are issued are prize vouchers at the concluding ceremony of each activity which can be claimed within 30 days. All prizes, whether cash or gifts, are disbursed to the winners within 45 days of submitting the claim to QSports.

I have noticed QSports on the website? What is QSports?

QSports is the official partner and service provider of QF Recreation Services responsible for organizing and managing the QF activities on behalf of Recreation Services. 

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